1. When you shop at Treemy.
It is not a binding agreement before you receive an order confirmation from Treemy.

2. Price:
The price given when the order is placed is the price. All prices are included 25% danish VAT and are written in DKK.
We reserve the rights for:
– Currency changes
– Force Majeure
– Failed deliveries
– Changes in charges and taxation.
– Sold out items and misprints.

3. Delivery:
We reserve the rights for sold out items and delayed delivery from wholesalers and suppliers.

4: Payment:
You can order and pay online with:
Visa Dankort
Visa Electron
EAN billing

When paying with a credit card, you are always protected against abuse and you have the option to refuse payment when you receive your statement. The money cannot be deducted from your card in the event that your card is misused in an Internet shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The amount is debited from your account on the day we ship your item.

5. Complaints – shop
In the unlikely event that there would be an error or defect in a product, you should of course contact us. We will do everything possible to rectify the complaint, and you will basically get repaired or get a new product.
Do you want to return the item due to complaint or mis-delivery, please complete and enclose our return form together with your item. Goods returned per. on delivery or without postage will not be accepted by Treemy unless there is an agreement.
After purchase Act for 24 months warranty. However, the warranty is limited by the product’s natural life / durability Treemy has promised you – see information on the package. This means that you either get it repaired or replaced, refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation.
It is of course a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect is not due to misuse of the product or other injurious behavior.
You must claim within a reasonable time after you have found the defect. If you complain within 14 days are always considered as being timely.

6. Returns
For purchases over the Internet, you have in most cases the right to cancel your purchase. Internet shopping is distance trading, and there you have, in contrast to an ordinary purchase in a store right to cancel the purchase up to fourteen days after you received the goods. This applies to all categories of Treemy’s Internet store excluding products, made especially for you, as well as plants, as this group of products not tolerate unnecessary transport and storage.
The product is returned, of course, unused and in the same condition as when received. It is the buyer’s responsibility and cost to return an item. All products returned must be securely wrapped.
We recommend that the product is returned via PostDanmark, and the product is sent as a package or cargo. In this way it is possible to track the package and waives any doubt as to whether the goods have been delivered or not. Further it allows you to be able to advertise for the package if no delivery has taken place.
Please note that products with a limited lifespan like plants and trees cannot be returned.

7. Terms of delivery
At the shop inventory bookings, the goods are sent within 3-7 days if they are in stock. If a product is sold out or in production, we will provide an ETA.
If there are no people at the delivery address the package will be left at the door and the package is considered delivered.

8. Product rigths.
Treemy reserves full ownership of the related rights of the products until the final payment is made.

9. Transportion damage
Transportation damage should be reported immediately to the carrier or post office. Is it agreed in advance with the carrier, the goods must be made without acknowledgment, is Treemy without risk, if the product were to disappear or be damaged.

10. Force majeure
Should delivery be prevented entirely or partially due to Force majeure exempts Treemy ApS. from any liability. Under force majeure fall primarily labor disputes, war, civil war, blockades, barriers, political unrest, government intervention, lack of fuels, natural disasters or other outside circumstances affecting delivery.

11. Advisory Responsibility
Treemys assistance to the buyer or the buyer’s advisor is only to be considered as indicative and without responsibility for Treemy.

12. Product liability
For damage to the person or thing that is a result of defects in the products delivered, Treemy is only responsible to the extent that liability under mandatory promised imposed Treemy.
Treemy assumes in no way responsible for operating loss, loss of business profits or other indirect losses.

13 Products
Treemy continuously develop products to be at the forefront. Therefore, subject to change of models, range, colors and prices, which are in our catalogs and on our website.

14. Security
Personal information is used solely in connection with an order. Treemy treats all personal data as 100% confidential and in accordance with the Act. Credit card information is sent encrypted to PBS with a SSL (Secure Socket Layer). You can check if you are sending from a secure site by looking for a padlock at the bottom of your browser.

15. Venue
Trade Conditions for Treemy.dk is subject to Danish law and any dispute between the buyer and Treemy.dk, on the occasion of the buyer’s purchase of goods from treemy shall be settled by the court in Kolding, Denmark.

16. Personal Information
Personal data entered in connection with the purchase of Treemy.com and Treemy.dk treated by Treemy ApS and any external partners in accordance with applicable Danish law. We only store the information necessary to complete your order – including e-mail and product data that concerns you. All customer information and information about their orders will be kept strictly confidential and will never be disclosed to third parties.

Under Danish law, the information is stored for five years. When you sign up for our newsletter, your e-mail address will be used in connection with our marketing in the fields of the interests you have consented by your registration. You can always unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe in the mail or by contacting customer service, and your data will be deleted.
According the danish law of client sensitive data you can contact Treemy to get full access to your information.
Treemy Ltd.
Søndervang 10
DK-6000 Kolding

17. Goods with a limited shelf life
We carry several items with limited shelf life, including organic products. These products have a limited shelf life and therefore it must be attributed to the quality of the product over time will deteriorate. To get the best possible performance out of your organic product, we refer you to our guide for the maintenance of these products.

18. Cancellation of orders

In the event that you want to cancel your order you should notify Treemy immediately. If the product is shipped already the expenses by returning the order is to be paid by the customer.