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Nordmann fir 125-150cm including wooden stand


The second-smallest Christmas tree in our product line is a 125-150cm fresh Nordmann fir. The Christmas tree is cut only when we receive your order, to ensure durability and freshness. The Christmas tree has been through our tempering process to avoid temperature shock and the base of the Christmas tree has been trimmed to 6 cm diameter, which makes it easy to place in the stand. The Christmas tree is delivered in a custom-made cardboard pack to protect against pressure and shocks.

Please be aware that a stand will add 10 cm to the total height and a star will add a further 20 cm.

Less needle drop

The Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree. It is characterized by less needle drop in your living room. The Nordmann fir is also very durable after it has been cut.

Only the best

Treemy Christmas trees get the top treatment from planting to home delivery. The tree is selected by strict quality standards set by the trade association Danske Juletræer (Danish Christmas Trees) to ensure top quality. The trees typically have a vibrant colour, symmetrical branch structure, a straight trunk and are proportional in width and height.

Global GAP certification

Treemy’s Christmas trees are Global GAP certified. This guarantees that the Christmas tree is grown under responsible conditions. G.A.P. is an acronym for ‘Good Agricultural Practice’, and it means that there are stringent requirements for fertilizer accounts, workplace assessment, employee training, occupational health, safety, nature conservation and waste management, so the production of Christmas trees is kept sustainable.

We point out that it is necessary to use a Torx T30 and a screwdriver to install the tree stand.

Here you can see our instructions for mounting a wooden Christmas tree stand.

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