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Christmas tree stand Krinner Basic S


Christmas tree stand is produced by Krinner, which is known for providing practical and workable solutions in high quality. This model, Krinner Basic S, working for Christmas trees up to 1.8 meters, weighs 3.4 kg and is 28 cm in diameter. The foot Christmas tree is filled with 1 liter of water, which ensures a longer freshness of your Christmas tree. The Christmas tree stand can carry a Christmas tree with a trunk diameter of up to 9 cm, making the foot ideal for Treemy’s Christmas trees, which are trimmed to 6 cm in diameter.

Christmas tree stand with built-in water tank

This Christmas tree has a 1 liter container, giving your Christmas tree water so it stays fresh and nice with the least possible loss of needles. You can easily keep an eye on the water level with the built-in water meter.

Foot pedal locks the Christmas tree firm

Place your Christmas tree in the stand, hold it straight, and pump the foot pedal allowing the claws to securely close around the trunk. This locks the Christmas tree in the upright position and you avoid having to use screws etc.



check-mark1 Patented beltsystem
check-mark1 Single cable technology
check-mark1 Five years warranty

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