Choose a color scheme

If you stick to one colour theme your tree will appear consistent and complete. Remember to choose decorations that compliments the room it stands in. That beeing said you can give the following popular colour combinations a try:

  • Classic colours, red and green. Green tree with red ornaments, rims and ribbons. If you want to add smaller items in metallic colours try gold or silver. Red, green or bright lights goes best with this style.
  • Winter colours like blue, silver or purple. Use your tree to mimic the cold, flickering colours of a snowy christmas. If you choose this solution try to avoid red, yellow og golden. Choose bright or blue lights. For a minimalistic look winter choose only white and silver decorations.
  • Metallic colours like gold, silver and bronze. The good news is that the metallic colours is an easy mix. These goes well with bright lights.
  • Cold and warm colours. If you want a tree there is a bit more versatile you should stick to colours that are either cold (blue foundation) or warm (red foundation). For instance a warm tree could use red, orange og golden decorations and a cold tree could have green, purple, blue and silver decorations.

Choose a theme.
Some people chooses a theme for their tree. A theme could be angels, cornets or snowflakes. A theme will help your tree appear consistent and also make it stand out from other trees.

Real or artificial lights.

Real lights are brilliant and traditional. However they impose a danger of fire hence we recommend that you treat your tree with flame retardant or keep a vaporizer with vater near your tree in case of a fire.

If you choose artificial ligths we recommend to use small lights. The best solution is LED’s rather than bulbs as this gives your tree a comfy look. Remember that it is the lights that brings character to your tree.