About Treemy

Treemy would like to make your Christmas easier and therefore we offer a new way of having your Christmas tree delivered to your home for free. Upon receipt of your order, the perfect Christmas tree is cut down, ensuring that the Christmas tree is fresh. Afterwards the tree goes through a tempering process to protect it from temperature shock. This prevents the Christmas tree from losing its needles.

Treemy is founded with the vision of making Christmas a little bit easier for everybody.

Treemy’s core skill is to secure a Christmas tree with the best freshness by cutting down the tree only when an order is placed.

Sustainability is extremely important to Treemy, and it is our mantra that a Christmas tree should not be cut down unless it brings joy to a home. This way we ensure that the Christmas tree remains in the plantation thereby absorbing 11 kg CO2.

Treemy is built around three core values:

Ikke-angivet-1     Sustainability

Treemy conducts its business in a responsible and increasingly sustainable way by thinking about sustainability in all processes.

Ikke-angivet-3     Customer focus

At Treemy we listen to our customers and strive to maximize value.

Ikke-angivet-2     Responsibility

At Treemy we believe in conducting business responsibly. If we make a mistake we naturally fix it.

Treemy’s christmas trees are Global GAP Certified

A Global G.A.P. Certification is a certification of the highest standard, which ensures that the Christmas trees are grown under responsible conditions.
G.A.P. is an acronym for ‘Good Agricultural Practice’, and it means that there are stringent requirements for fertilizer accounts, workplace, employee training, occupational health, safety, nature conservation and waste management, so the production of Christmas trees is kept sustainable.