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1. Choose a size

Start by selecting a size. The most frequently selected size is 175-200 cm ‘Living room size’.
Remember that a tree stand adds about 10 cm more and the star on top can add between 10-20 cm more.

2. Go to cart

Once you have found the right size, then add the product and review your cart.
Remember to buy one of our Christmas tree stands, if you need one.

3. Delivery and Payment Information

Go to the checkout and enter the required information. Our payments are made through a secure server (SSL),
which encrypts all of your information, so you can safely make a payment with us.
We accept the following payment methods: kort

4. Delivery

There is free shipping throughout the UK and Ireland. You select the desired delivery date at checkout.
Your Christmas tree will be safely packed and delivered straight to your door.

5. Decorate the Christmas tree

When you receive the Christmas tree, you must unpack it straight away and put it in water.
Then all that’s left to do is just decorate it.